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Rumah Sakit (Lucu) Pondok Indah

Kemarin-kemarin gue baru aja nginep di Rumah Sakit P*ndok Ind*h (disingkat RSPI, ya sudah lah ya, lo pasti tau Rumah Sakit yang gue maksud ini). Gue nginep hampir seminggu gara-gara DBD + typhus. Iyap, dua-duanya sekaligus! Gue memang anaknya efisien yah? Well, daripada gue mulai ngalor ngidul nggak jelas mari kita bercerita dari awal gue sakit biar timelinenya nggak loncat-loncat. Oiya, to be Frank, cerita ini pure tentang Dokter-dokter dan suster-suster lucu yang ada di rumah sakit ya. Jadi kalau teman-teman yang kemarin menjenguk dan nemenin gue selama di RS nggak kesebut maafkan… Nanti ada credit thanks to kok di akhir cerita. :) OK! Mulai bercerita!

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The Journey of #IRREPLACEABLESHARON Day 4: The D-Day at the Front Row


It’s about the fourth day we spent our time with Shaz and it was the D-Day of #IRREPLACEABLE Concert. The previous 3 days we spent with Sharon can be read by clicking THIS. So, finally the long awaited moment for us had come. We were about to see Sharon Corr playing live in front of our eyes!!!!! I and the whole team were so excited and nervous in the same time! This would be the climax of Sharon’s visit to Indonesia. We were finally able to see her on stage. So we decided to be in the very front row in the concert, we would bring the banner, and we would sing the songs as loud as we can so Shaz could hear us from the stage. Such a freay-ish groupies, right? Hahaha. We. Don’t. Care.

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2013: Another Blessing Year

Time flies super-fast. Nggak kerasa sekarang udah tahun 2014 lagi dan 2013nya kelewat. Hahahaha, better late than never kan tapinya? Jadi nggak apa-apa dong gue baru recap 2013 sekarang? Hal yang bisa mendeskripsikan tahun 2013 buat gue adalah berasa naik Roller Coaster. It’s exciting, thrilling, and it’s about getting upside down. Bisa dibilang ini adalah tahun yang challenging sekaligus menyenangkan! Dari awal tahun gue masih harus meyakinkan diri gue sendiri setiap pagi bahwa gue harus menjalani satu hari lagi sebagai pegawai kantoran. Ya, ya, ya, gue tahu ini adalah tahun kedua gue menjalani hidup sebagai pegawai kantoran, tapi kalau saya harus jujur rasanya  masih susah banget membiasakan diri untuk terus-terusan menghadapi rutinitas mulai kerja jam setengah sembilan pagi, istirahat makan siang jam dua belas siang, kemudian kembali kerja lagi sampai selesai.

Di tahun 2013 ini, gue masih susah tidur cepet kecuali kalo cape banget. Walaupun gue mulai kerja jam setengah sembilan, tetep aja gue baru bisa tidur diatas jam dua pagi. Padahal gue udah mulai kerja kantoran di akhir tahun 2011 yang lalu, tapi tetep aja lho kebiasaan tidur pagi gue belum bisa ilang. Nggak jarang gue pergi ke kantor dengan muka bantal, bukan karena baru bangun tapi karena gue butuh tidur. Hahaha. Tapi ya ini hidup gue sekarang. Nggak ada gunanya gue ngeluh, apalagi nggak menerima kenyataan. Tapi, Tuhan sangat sayang sama gue sehingga walaupun seringnya gue bangun pagi dengan kepala sakit karena kurang tidur, gue masih bisa senyum dan bilang, “OK! Today’s gonna be great! Hakuna matata!”

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Hi Smaug, are you up there blowing you fire breath to burn the clouds? #sky #sunset (at PT. Castrol Indonesia)

Another amazing #sunset view in Jakarta (at PT. Castrol Indonesia)

Scary as hell!!!! Human organs inside a pig??? D’oh! 😵 – View on Path.

Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

  • Young Anna: Elsa? (knocks) Do you want to build a snowman?
  • C'mon let's go and play.
  • I never see you anymore.
  • Come out the door,
  • It's like you've gone away.
  • We used to be best buddies
  • And now we're not.
  • I wish you would tell me why.
  • Do you want to build a snowman?
  • It doesn't have to be a Snowman.
  • Young Elsa: Go away, Anna.
  • Young Anna: Okay, bye.
  • Teen Anna: (knocks) Do you want to build a snowman
  • or ride our bike around the halls?
  • I think some company is overdue
  • I've started talking to
  • The pictures on the walls.
  • Hang in there, Joan.
  • It gets a little lonely,
  • All these empty rooms,
  • Just watching the hours tick by.
  • (tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock)
  • Anna: (knocks) Elsa?
  • Please I know you're in there,
  • People are asking where you've been,
  • They say 'have courage';
  • And I'm trying to,
  • I'm right out here for you.
  • Just let me in.
  • We only have each other.
  • It's just you and me.
  • What are we gonna do?
  • Do you want to build a snowman? (sniff).


Hi Shaz! It’s us again, The #IRREPLACEABLESHARON Team!!! This December we have this #IRREPLACEABLESHARON #CHRISTMASPROJECT because we miss you so much and because Christmas is so special! We’re sure you agree, don’t you? In this project, every day, one member of #IRREPLACEABLESHARON Team will post a picture on twitter. Each picture is the interpretation of your songs, and your task is to guess what song we try to interpret.

So, start from today (December 18th, 2013 *in Ireland*), each member of #IRREPLACEABLESHARON Team will start posting pictures on twitter start from @toshiko_iko tomorrow, followed by me (@sarasvvatii, previously @ajengsp), then we have @amandakuswandi, @diles87 is in the next day, and on the next two days you will meet our two new members: @MSandiastri and @RRSays. On the last day of this project all of us will jointly send the last picture to be interpreted by you.

In this project, we also want you to involve by guessing the songs, or maybe you can ask to Gavin (haha) or retweet it so your fans can also involve in this project. We hope you will love this project.

Hugs and Kisses,


(@amandakuswandi, @sarasvvatii, @toshiko_iko, @diles87, @MSandiastri, @RRsays)


The Journey of #IRREPLACEABLESHARON Day 3: The Exclusive Interview


It is about our third day with Sharon Corr. You can also read about the first and second day by clicking the link. The first and second day was awesome but in fact, we didn’t have too much time and opportunity to talk to Shaz too much. You know, the first day we were so nervous that we could barely say what we wanted say, while the second day it was the press conference so there were so many people surrounded her. But this third day we were going to have a lot of time to talk to Shaz!

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The Journey of #IRREPLACEABLESHARON Day 2: The Press Conference


Okay! I am going to continue the story of #IRREPLACEABLESHARON team’s journey day two. To sum up the first day, the team was finally succeed in getting Shaz’ attention, got a hug, and a picture with her.

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