Ajeng Saraswati Putri. A creature that contains 25% human + 25% cow + 50% unidentified object. Trying to make some posts in tumblr.

This creature loves to color its world with CRAYONS:

Sometimes it writes about LOVE, sometimes it writes about stupid HUMAN ERRORS happen around it.

Also, sometimes it tries to make some creative writing like her 30 Days Creative Writing.

Well, you better found out more about this creature by reading its posts, its PROFILE, find out its ZODIAC or ask it right away on FORMSPRING! Last but not least, you better check out its favorite writers in its BLOGROLL

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- Ajeng "Sarasvvati" Putri


Heads in the clouds, fingers on keyboard

#IRREPLACEABLESHARON Day 24: Favorite Artist Featured w/ The Corrs: Chieftains. Cc: @Sharon_Corr . The song I Know my Love is just so Irish and soooo enjoyable! Love ‘em both! I’m in love with Irish music!!!

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